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Compliance Management Software designed to increase engagement & participation of your employees.

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Join the growing list of businesses operating their compliance systems through Teammate. Businesses focused on bridging the gap between compliance requirements and profitable operations are turning to Teammate as their software solution.

Why Teammate?

Easy to use, great local support and cost-effective. Teammate is built to support innovative businesses in achieving their goals of cost-effective compliance management, enhanced workflow and improved operations. Achieving and maintaining complex compliance management systems which work has never been easier with Teammate.

Easy setup

We'll set up the platform for you, bringing your existing data across from your old system or spreadsheets.

Our dedicated implementation team will tailor the platform with all the relevant templates and setup for your organisation.

To make the implementation easy, we’ll bring your existing data to Teammate from your old system or spreadsheets.

Ongoing Support

Our integrated locally based operations team provides timely, in-depth ongoing client support; from people who know your industry.

  • Ongoing Training
  • Quick Response to queries
  • Capturing Dev Requests

Having a local support channel to contact is more important than ever for businesses needing software solutions which work for them and their customers.


Dedication to Excellence

Our promise is to resource our DevOps team to continuously improve:
- Development Requests from our clients;
- Cyber Security & Privacy enhancements;
- System features and functionalities; and
- Overall Performance.

Having a software partner who listens to your changing business needs is key to remaining competitive. Teammate takes this to heart, staffing dedicated consultants and account managers who truly know your industry and  will work with you to get the most out of the platform.

Inspiration to Build.

After 10+ years of experience in implementing a number of software solutions for hundreds of clients, the team at Teammate App decided to close the gap between software platforms that are heavily designed around the management of registers in the office environment versus other platforms that are solely focused on the operator's functionalities. Our solution has been designed to be user-friendly for the operator and staff while having a strong backend to manage the registers.

Sorting compliance starts with Teammate